Four Part Harmony

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Four Part Harmony Review: From Writer's Digest

Tpprince esquire international publishes new children's book series on environmental problems and solutions.

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The illlustrations are absollutely wonderful: detailed, vibrant, sensitive and completely captivating. Author Dan Sekarski tells a beautiful story with many positive teaching points for children. The luminescence, humor and depth of the illustrations absolutely steal the show. It was a wonderful touch to include vocabulary words and definitions for young readers learning new words. ANd the book is chockfull of life lesssons that will be so valuable for readers from 2 to 92. Great Work!

The book teaches wonderful lessons with beauty and enthusiasm. Great work!

More comments:
Your new book, Four Part Harmnony, is the best I've ever read!!!! I can't wait to have Adam (15), Halle (11) and Cassidy (9) read it: I will definitely read it to Anne(6) and Ryan (5). The meat of the matter (message) is outstanding! I know Sydney (almost 2) will enjoy the colorful artwork. I doubt she will understand winning and losing yet. She does enjoy having grandma read and her grandmy loves to snuggle and read to her.

I plan to share your books with my friends. I know two grandmothers who could/would be interested in purchasing a copy for thier grandkids too.