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We laugh
in its face when we are young
Long for it
when we are denied
Lie about it
when we are young, old or aging
Fight it
when caught in the middle
Are overcome by it
in the end.
It is both our friend
and our foe.
It allows us to grow
enables us to learn
measures our
very being.

It is our constant reminder
of the temporal fragility
of our existence.
It gives us
continuity and range
random brevity.

We expect it
to give us peace
and comfort
at its end
but it gives us

It silently waits
for us
to admit
to accept
to relinguish
the things
that it has shown us
its persistant passing.

It will leave us
in the end
with the final
most definitive question
it has ever asked us
during its playful passing

do you have left
that I
can not
take away.