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Flutter away….

Or are you really on your way?

Toward a horizon?

Away from another sunset?


Landing on the upper-most pinnacle

Of the loftiest edifice

In the worst of metrological conditions

Under the most dire of circumstances.


Folding your wings inward

You face the torrential winds

What are you hoping to see....accomplish

Or are you hoping to be seen?


You utter a single note

You echo an alluring song

You hope, trust …believe

Some meaningful response exists in the depths of desire


It is the nature of wings

To seek out the beckoning heights

Away from pursuing oblivion

Toward the heavenly hand of peace.


There is no way one can be sure

No positive proof of existence

But the questions are deeply rooted

In your wavering heart and soul.


You did not plant them there

They were engraved in your spirit

At the moment of your conception

Along with the spark of life itself

It is the indelible signature

Of the Creator.